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Join hosts Sam Collier and Sarah Cho as they try to figure out playwriting.

146. PLAY: Native Gardens by Karen Zacarias Beckett’s Babies

Every month, we pick a play to discuss, and for this week's episode we read "Native Gardens" by Karen Zacarias. We discuss what we noticed, what we liked, and questions that came up while reading the play. SPOILER ALERT: There are going to be some spoiler alerts! We highly recommend you read the play before listening to this episode! Glistens: Sam – chokecherries Cho – Youtube channel "Korean Englishman" ____________________________________________ Please support Beckett's Babies by reviewing, sharing an episode with your friends or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:  @beckettsbabies And as always, we would love to hear from you!   Send us your questions or thoughts on playwriting and we might discuss it in our next episode. Email: For more info, visit our website: Theme Music: "Live Like the Kids" by  Samuel Johnson, Laura Robertson, Luke O'Dea (APRA) — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. 146. PLAY: Native Gardens by Karen Zacarias
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  3. 144. TOPIC: New Play Development
  4. 143. SPECIAL TOPIC: Intimacy Design & Training with Dr. Kate Busselle
  5. 142. INTERVIEW: G. Flores

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