A podcast by two friends who met at Iowa Playwrights Workshop.
Join hosts Sam Collier and Sarah Cho as they try to figure out playwriting.

130. SEASON FINALE: First the Worst, Second the Best…Third the Nerd? Beckett’s Babies

THAT'S A WRAP FOR SEASON 3! Thank you all so much for tuning in every week and hear us chat about all things playwriting. We appreciate you and your support! In this episode, we highlight just a FEW of our favorite episodes of this season. We loved every single one of our guests on this season so even if they're not mentioned here, we suggest you going back and give it a listen! Thank you again for another incredible season. Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season… See you next year! After three seasons of Beckett’s Babies… Total Number of Episodes: 130 Total Number of Guests: 47 Total Number of Plays read: 39 Total Number of Glistens: 294 Total Number of Listens: 16,417 GLISTENS Cho – ROAD TRIP!!! / Getting Married / Joanna Gaines Collier – golden gate canyon state park / Moving to Colorado / Grad School INTERVIEWS: INTERVIEW WITH CARIDAD SVICH:–INTERVIEW-Caridad-Svich-e15u705 INTERVIEW WITH PEPPUR CHAMBERS:–INTERVIEW-Peppur-Chambers-e15amc8 INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN JAMES POLACK:–INTERVIEW-Brian-James-Polak-HAPPY-100TH-EPISODE-evmkp7 INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL OLIVAS:–INTERVIEW-Daniel-Olivas-esj5ok TOPICS: GHOSTS WITH HEATHER KELLEY:–TOPIC-Ghosts-in-Theaters-and-the-Stories-We-Tell—-w-Special-Guest-Heather-Kelley-e198doi WHAT MAKES A MONOLOGUE GOOD WITH SHAUN LEISHER:–TOPIC-What-Makes-a-Monologue-Good-w-Returning-Special-Guest-Shaun-Leisher-e14k5js PLAYS: HURRICANE DIANE BY MADELEINE GEORGE–PLAY-Hurricane-Diane-by-Madeleine-George-e19u4ri BUREAUCRAZY BY KATE DANLEY–PLAY-BureauCRAZY-by-Kate-Danley-e14uvid 36 VIEWS BY NAOMI IIZUKA–PLAY-36-Views-by-Naomi-Iizuka-e11qr3b ____________________________________________ Please support Beckett's Babies by reviewing, sharing an episode with your friends or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:  @beckettsbabies   And as always, we would love to hear from you!   Send us your questions or thoughts on playwriting and we might discuss it in our next episode.   Email: For more info, visit our website:   Theme Music: "Live Like the  Kids" by  Samuel Johnson, Laura Robertson, Luke O'Dea (APRA) — Send in a voice message:
  1. 130. SEASON FINALE: First the Worst, Second the Best…Third the Nerd?
  2. 129. TOPIC: Dreams
  3. 128. PLAY: Hurricane Diane by Madeleine George
  4. 127. TOPIC: Act and Scene Breaks
  5. 126. TOPIC: Ghosts in Theaters and the Stories We Tell… w/ Special Guest Heather Kelley!

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