A podcast by two friends who met at Iowa Playwrights Workshop.
Join hosts Sam Collier and Sarah Cho as they try to figure out playwriting.

87. SEASON FINALE: The Year of Terrible Twos Beckett’s Babies

Hi Listeners… This week is our last episode of Season 2! Also known as our year of the terrible twos… How do we feel about that?! We might be a couple of two-year-old podcasters but boy, did we have such an incredible year of spectacular guests on the show! If we had the time, we would highlight every guest of the season. Instead, we highlight just a few and we hope you will check out the full episodes if you haven't already. For the full episodes of the interviews mentioned on our show, check out the links below! Interview with Reginald Edmund Interview with Tanuja Jagernauth Interview with Paul Michael Thomson Interview with Marina J. Bergenstock Interview with Dr. Lisa Quoresimo Special thanks and shoutout to our wonderful listener supporter Tanuja Jagernauth. Thank you, Tanuja!!! Please be sure to follow her! ________________________ Please support Beckett's Babies by reviewing, sharing an episode to your friends, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @beckettsbabies And as always, we would love to hear from you! Send us your questions or thoughts on playwriting and we might discuss it in our next episode. Email: For more info, visit our website: — Support this podcast:
  1. 87. SEASON FINALE: The Year of Terrible Twos
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