A podcast by two friends who met at Iowa Playwrights Workshop.
Join hosts Sam Collier and Sarah Cho as they try to figure out playwriting.

77. INTERVIEW: Jonathan Spector

Hello listeners! This week, we chat with Oakland-based playwright JONATHAN SPECTOR and learn about his remarkable journey into theater. We dig deep into his play “Eureka Day” as he shares his thoughts on playwriting. Be sure to read “Eureka Day” when it becomes available! We’re so excited for you to listen to this episode. Check…

76. INTERVIEW: Marina J. Bergenstock

Hello listeners! We are so excited for you to listen to this new episode of Beckett’s Babies! We had an amazing conversation discussing all-things theater and directing new work with the one and only MARINA J. BERGENSTOCK! LISTEN TO EPISODE 76. INTERVIEW: Marina J. Bergenstock HERE! Marina J. Bergenstock (she/her) is a director, dramaturg, performer,…

75. TOPIC: Notes, Notes, Notes… Oh My!

This episode is all about receiving and providing notes on our plays. What the heck do you do with all the feedback? What are some best practices when receiving notes? When is it useful? When is it not? Can notes be too prescriptive? Or could it be more prescriptive? We attempt to discuss by sharing…

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