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107. PLAYBACK: Interview with Megan Gogerty (2019) Beckett’s Babies

Hey listeners! During the month of June, we’re taking a short break and replaying some of our favorite episodes. This week we want to share our interview with MEGAN GOGERTY, who is not only laugh-out-loud hilarious but truly inspirational. Megan is a playwright, comedian, and delightful person, and she had so much to say about being an artist, setting aside time to write, and theater being “a haunted house, a rave, and a party.” Enjoy! To learn more about Megan Gogerty and her work, check out her website at ____________________________________________ Please support Beckett's Babies by reviewing, sharing an episode with your friends or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:  @beckettsbabies   And as always, we would love to hear from you!   Send us your questions or thoughts on playwriting and we might discuss it in our next episode.   Email: For more info,  visit our website: Theme Music: "Live Like the  Kids" by  Samuel Johnson, Laura Robertson, Luke O'Dea (APRA) — Support this podcast:
  1. 107. PLAYBACK: Interview with Megan Gogerty (2019)
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