6. INTERVIEW: Cut the Play with Dramaturg and Director Alison Ruth

Dramaturg and Director Alison Ruth joins us in this episode of Beckett’s Babies to share her thoughts on dramaturgy, playwriting, and directing. We discussed what makes theater unique from other art forms as well as how dramaturgy can lend itself to directing. We loved having Alison on the show! She’s a wonderful human being and that’s our favorite type of guest  on our show.  Check out the episode!

Listen to Episode 6: Cut the Play with Dramaturg and Director Alison Ruth

Grumble Theater: http://www.grumbletheater.org/

Feminaal by Nina Morrison
Directed by Alison Ruth

Performances held at:
Shakespearean Youth Theatre
550 Vandalia St, Suite 306
St Paul, MN 55114

Féminaal presents a world that satirizes the misogyny in French New Wave Cinema and the culture at large: set in 1960’s Paris and the Present Day, this work imagines a setting where women are celebrated for their excess and debauchery and never held to a bizarrely high standard of “historical accuracy.” A genre-defying and hilarious new play, Morrison’s work combines progressive feminist ideals with raucous comedic antics to create a theatrical landscape at once familiar and utterly original.

Episode 6: “Writing a Pillow Book” Playwriting Exercise from Alison Ruth

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