26. INTERVIEW: Don’t Wait for Permission with Reina Hardy

Playwright Reina Hardy joins us on this episode to discuss all things playwriting, theater, teaching, and more. Reina is a delightful and incredible human being. We also share our pet peeves on rejections so don’t miss out on this episode!

Listen to Episode 26: Don’t Wait for Permission with Reina Hardy here.

Reina Hardy’s plays, which usually contain magic and sometimes contain science, have been produced in Chicago, NYC and London. They include “Glassheart” (Rorsharch Theater and the Shrewds), “Changelings”, (The Vortex), and “A Map to Somewhere Else” (Everyday Inferno, NYC). Honors include: Michener Fellowship, National New Play Network New Play Showcase, Source Festival, Kennedy Center MFA Playwrights Workshop, Interact 20/20 Commission, Kennedy Center ACTF TYA PRIZE. Publications include: “Best American Short Plays, 2012-2013,” and “Best Scenes for Two Actors,” Applause, “Best Stage Monologs for Men,” “60 Seconds to Shine,” and “105 5-Minute Plays for Study and Performance,” from Smith and Kraus. In the 2018-19 and 2019-20 season: the world premiere of “Fanatical” in London, new productions of “Stargazers” in Michigan and Australia, the second production of “Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride” in Cincinnati, and the rolling world premiere of “Annie Jump and the Library of Heaven” in Milwaukee, WI; Washington, DC; Austin, TX and Ridgefield, CT. MFA: Michener Center at UT Austin.

To learn more about Reina and her work, visit the website: www.reinahardy.com

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