30. INTERVIEW: Write and Don’t Judge What You Write with John Mabey

Playwright, improviser and mental health counselor John Mabey joins us on this episode to discuss all things playwriting, theater, improv, and more. John is a listener of the show who reached out to us and we wanted to reach back to bring him on show!

Listen to Episode 30: Write and Don’t Judge What You Write with John Mabey here!

John began writing plays as a child before he knew that’s what he was doing. He’s spent the past 10 years living in New York, London and Amsterdam and now lives in the American South. He studied human behavior, emotion and relationships by earning a master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology, and infuses into his playwriting everything he’s learned about what it means to be human. In addition to plays, he also publishes in academic books and journals on the topics of sexual identity and spirituality. In playwriting, John enjoys experimenting with structure and uses improvisation as a way to generate creative ideas as well as its own art form. He now teaches and performs improvisation around the world with ensembles and as a solo act, and is a regular performer in true storytelling events. Last year, John co-authored a play that was produced in Amsterdam titled, The B Word, which had a successful 2-week run and multiple sold-out performances. His short play, The Most Brave Girl In The Whole Wide World, is included in the Los Angeles play festival ‘A Light In Dark Places’ at the Stella Adler Theatre.

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