33. TOPIC: How Do We Teach Playwriting?

How do we teach playwriting? How do we teach writing in general? In this episode, we discuss what we think are best practices, writing exercises, approaches to workshopping students’ new plays, and how do we grade creative work.

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We are Beckett’s Babies! A podcast about playwriting for anyone interested in writing plays. We created the show because we had the vision to provide a resource for anyone who ever thought about writing a play while providing the opportunity to create a community of playwrights to take risks and join the fun.  This is important to us because we know that writing can feel lonely and we want to say, it doesn’t have to be! That’s where Beckett’s Babies come in. Every week, we release a new episode where we interview guests or share our thoughts on the world of playwriting and theater. It’s personal and comforting to know that you’re not in it alone as we discuss all the topics that are important to YOU.

We are a two-woman operation and we do everything. We create, record, produce and distribute — AND NOW, we are feeling ambitious and we would love to do live events across the country. It will consist of live Q&A panels, workshops, and moderated writing groups. This is an opportunity for our listeners to participate in-person.

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