44. We’ll See You in 2020!

Hello, listeners! It’s been an incredible year of discussing all things playwriting and interviewing theater guests from all walks of life on Beckett’s Babies. In this episode, we share some of our favorite interviews and highlights from the year. We even share some of our dream goals for guests on our future episodes… Dream Goal Guests. DGG!

SEASON 1 HIGHLIGHTS – Episodes You Should Check Out If You Haven’t!
1. Alison Ruth’s Interview
2. Jenni Page-White’s Interview
3. Micah Ariel James’ Interview
4. Tanuja Devi’s Interview
5. Chris Leyva’s Interview
But really, you should check out all the episodes! 🙂

Sam’s Glistens – Rita’s Quilt
Sarah’s Glistens – Netflix. But also I recommend everyone watch John Leguizamo and Mike Birbiglia’s specials.

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SEE YOU IN 2020!