60. PLAY: The King Of Hell’s Palace by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig


As part of our new monthly play series, we pick a play to discuss and this month’s play is “The King of Hell’s Palace” by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig. In this episode, we discuss what we noticed, what we liked, and questions that came up while reading the play. This play was also recommended to us by one of our listeners and we are so glad! Thank you, Mickey! Note: There are some spoiler alerts! We highly recommend you read the play before listening to this episode!

When the Henan Ministry of Health begins paying citizens for blood plasma which is then sold to pharmaceutical companies, impoverished farmers in the province’s remote villages sell blood to buy fertilizer, mend their houses and create a better life for their children. As corrupt health officials cut costs to maximize profits, safety standards are ignored, bringing potential catastrophe to China’s most vulnerable population. Inspired by true events, this gripping drama explores the conflicts that arise when a community’s greatest source of capital becomes their own bodies.

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