65. TOPIC: Writing Artistic Statements

Have you ever written an artistic statement? Every playwright, at some point in their career, has to write an artistic statement, or what others might call a “Manifesto”. Whether it be for a playwriting opportunity, or for your website, it might be good to have one in your arsenal ready to go. In this episode, we want to discuss what it is, what’s the purpose, why it may or may not be important, how you could approach to writing one, and questions to help you get started in thinking about what your artistic statement.

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Sam: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee


Tips for Writing Your Artistic Statement from the Playwrights Corner.

“The Artist Statement – From Playwrights to Artistic Directors, This is What They Said…” from Theaterspeak

“What’s Your Brand? Not Having One Is Hurting You”

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