70. INTERVIEW: Marjorie Muller

Hello listeners! We are so excited for you to listen to this new episode of Beckett’s Babies! We had an amazing conversation discussing all-things playwriting with playwright, actor, producer MARJORIE MULLER! In this episode, Marjorie shares how she got into playwriting, her tips and tricks, and we also chat about TikTok(uh oh!). We hope you enjoy this episode!

LISTEN TO EPISODE 70. Interview: Marjorie Muller HERE

ptsIMG_8174 (1)Marjorie Muller is a Chicago-based playwright, actor, and producer, whose work has been featured at Urbanite Theater, the Women’s Theatre Festival, Impostors Theatre Company, and more. She is currently developing an adaptation of Dracula for young adults called “Lucy Westenra Is Definitely Not (And Will Never Be) a Vampire” that will be performed this Fall at the Latin School of Chicago. She is also producing a live audio drama with Theatre in the Dark based on War of the Worlds which will be happening this upcoming Fall.

Sarah – CSA box
Sam – blueberries
Marjorie – listening to the entire discography of Led Zeppelin. Find that bass line!

To learn more about Marjorie and her work, be sure to check out the following websites:

Also! Marjorie shared with us her favorite playwriting exercise. 

favorite playwriting exercise

I always find that my plays almost always start with titles and if I were to teach a class on playwriting, that would be one of my first exercises — pick a word that strikes you, a singular word. Think about all the applications of that word: is it a verb? Does it have a double meaning? Does it mean different things in different contexts? Does it have a secret history?

Set a timer for a minute and write down all the things that this word makes you think, feel, or know. Then, set another timer for 10 minutes (or 25, I’m a huge fan of the Pomodoro method) and see what kind of play this word can conjure from you.


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