76. INTERVIEW: Marina J. Bergenstock

Hello listeners! We are so excited for you to listen to this new episode of Beckett’s Babies! We had an amazing conversation discussing all-things theater and directing new work with the one and only MARINA J. BERGENSTOCK!


Marina J. Bergenstock (she/her) is a director, dramaturg, performer, and educator. She holds an MFA in Directing from the University of Iowa. She formerly was on faculty at Beloit College in Wisconsin. She starts her Ph.D. studies at Stanford University in Theatre and Performance Studies, specializing in Arab Theatre. To learn more about Marina and her work, be sure to check out her website at www.marinabergenstock.com

Sarah – Netflix’s Julie and the Anthems / Plays on NPX: beth by Alex Lin, WYWH by Tom Moran, A Murder of Crows by France Beck

Sam – Nina Morrison’s reading of Hearts on Fire / Gabrielle Calvocoressi reading with Grinnell/Prairie Lights

Marina – Netflix’s The Babysitter’s Club / Google Map Add-On Stanford Gleaning Project / Helpful Advice from her Ph.D. Orientation

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