78. PLAY: Ballyturk by Enda Walsh

As part of our monthly play series, we pick a play to discuss and this month’s play is “Ballyturk” by Enda Walsh. The play was recommended to us by one of our listeners Meredith Bartmon for this month. We discuss what we noticed, what we liked, and questions that came up while reading the play. Note: There are some spoiler alerts! We highly recommend you read the play before listening to this episode!


Two unnamed male characters live in a single-room dwelling and discuss an imaginary town in Ireland called Ballyturk.

Born in Dublin, Enda Walsh is an Irish Playwright. A multi-award-winning Irish playwright, his work has been translated into over twenty languages and has been performed internationally since 1998. He won Tony Award in 2012 for writing the book for the musical “Once”, which went on to play on Broadway, in the West End, and a US tour. He current lives in London with his family.


“Review: A Fantasy Town Builds a Wall Against Time in ‘Ballyturk’” by By Ben Brantley (New York Times, Jan. 14, 2018)

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