83. PLAYBACK: Sean David DeMers Interview

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This week’s episode is a “PLAYBACK” episode with our interview with Sean David DeMers

Sean David DeMers is a playwright with New England and New York City roots. Plays include FACULTY PORTRAIT, produced at IRT Theatre in New York City, the musical JULES VERNE’S FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON with FringeNYC, LITTLE BLUE PILL read at the Last Frontier Conference in 2019, and ENCAPSULATED produced by The Navigators as part of their one-act sci-fi play festival. Sean has two short plays published by Samuel French/Concord Theatricals, OFF TACKLE GLIDE and FOUR MOVEMENTS. Sean is a graduate of the Iowa MFA Playwright’s Workshop and recently picked up a project started there with the play FAYE by translating and adapting the existing Ancient Greek plays, starting with the most obscure.Keep listening to find out why you should throw away your first ten plays!

We loved talking to Sean, who is incredibly cheerful and funny, probably because he takes so many naps. You won’t be disappointed! End of this year, we’ll play old favorites from the year. Thanks for listening!


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