114. INTERVIEW: Peppur Chambers


Hello listeners! This week’s guest on the show is PEPPUR CHAMBERS! PEPPUR CHAMBERS is an international writer, producer, and educator. A member of Circle X Emerging Playwrights Group, Moving Arts MADLab, and Antaeus Playwrights Lab, she uses her voice to scream, shout or sing about women’s issues, social justice and love. She has been commissioned for LA’s Lower Depth Theatre Ensemble and you can catch her radio play, End of the Line, about human trafficking in Antaeus Theatre Company’s The Zip Code Plays Season Two.

To learn more about Peppur, check out the links below!

Instagram: @peppurthehotone 
Twitter: @peppurthehotone
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peppur
Websites: www.penandpeppur.com  / www.brownbetties.com 


Sarah: Sudoku
Sam: Toddy Pond Farm Dinner!
Peppur: Cleaning the kitchen, moving to Phoenix, and a very special box of pens :’)


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